hey, i'm megan

marketing strategist, problem solver, wine lover

I’m a consultant and creative agency owner who helps small business owners craft captivating stories and utilize strategic marketing to bring their business and brand to life.

My personal superpowers are creating clarity out of your unique business message and building an intentional and doable marketing strategy customized for YOU.

On a more human note, we believe in making our own rules around here. I’m a big advocate for helping clients set up a business that compliments their life, not one that runs it. “One size fits all” does not exist here; instead we work to uncover what makes a business unique and how to set it up for growth by defining the story, developing the strategy, and deepening the connections.

I help entrepreneurs build memorable business brands through the MPP signature 3 step process:




Determining and outlining what matters to you, your business future, and how we will get there.

 Uncovering your unique business story and tailoring a custom marketing strategy to execute on your specific goals. 

Going deeper by utilizing strategic connections, partnerships, and community engagement to expand beyond your current reach.


so how did i end up here?

That roundabout way you’d come to expect. Grew up with a penchant for storytelling that led me to a lifetime love of theatre and writing. Although wanting to make “smart” career decisions, I studied business in college and found this love for storytelling also translated into quite the knack for marketing.

Before I launched Megan Parsons Projects, I worked as the Director of Events and Operations for a large, multi-unit restaurant group in New York City. I focused on business growth and expansion, training and building community amongst staff and patrons, and creating clear communication and goal oriented plans for smooth, successful operations. 

So, I’m no stranger to designing strategic marketing + growth plans, curating high level client experiences, and overseeing teams + operations.

Megan Parsons Projects was born out of the desire to expand my own reach. Knowing I was extremely passionate about marketing and developing business strategies, I wanted the opportunity to help multiple business owners develop and execute the business of their dreams, without the overwhelm that comes with doing it all yourself. Consider me your business advisor with a sprinkle of confidante, a dash of hype woman, and overall teammate in this wacky journey that is entrepreneurship.



I’ve had a long standing love affair with books since I was a kid, and I fully credit it for my obsession with storytelling. If there is a locally owned bookstore, I shall find it.


I’m a big fan of self development work and continued learning. Ask me about my latest podcast recommendation and we’ll be fast friends. 


I spend my time between the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of Florida and am struggling to pick one over the other, so I also spend my time on a lot of flights.


I oscillate between someone who you could have the deepest of deep conversations with to picking apart Selling Sunset and giggling over absolute nonsense. I call it balance.


I love wine. Red, white, rose, even orange. Yes, there is orange wine and it’s delightful. 


Olivia Howard


Megan went above and beyond! This was such an incredible experience and really set me up for success. The results truly speak for itself! Since working with Megan my social media engagement has increased dramatically. Packages were created and 9 new events were booked. Inquiries came rolling in and opportunities started presenting themselves regularly. I'm so thrilled to have booked 2 styled shoots to be featured on Blogs, magazines and many social media platforms. This was a big goal of mine and now I'm reaching more potential clients than ever! 

Greta McNebb


She is truly an organization master and with weekly agendas, homeworks and 1:1 chats, I started checking things off my to-do list and felt lighter. She helped me get clear on my brand and messaging, we built a marketing strategy that works specifically for me, set up a proper customer experience game plan, finished my back end copy, offerings, and marketing kit. She coached me through organizing my contacts and creating a HIT list. If you are dreaming of your business being successful, but don't know how to get there (like I was), she is your person!!

Gina Ribando


Megan was the kick-in-the-ass that I had been searching for. Her expertise, in my opinion, is taking a seed of an idea you may have and helping you water it and teach you how to make it grow. Brainstorming with her takes all of your ideas to the next level in the best way. Megan was not only able to help guide me through my goals, visions and plans, but gave me the support and tools to continue setting myself up for success in the future. If you are thinking about a biz consultant, just say yes to hiring Megan.

Jennifer Bennour

Fete Du Jour Events

Working with Megan was extremely beneficial, not only to my business but to my own self confidence. She helped me take my personal strengths and taught me how to utilize them as a part of my unique offering. Whether you're just starting your business or are feeling stuck after a year or two, rest assured that working with Megan will give you a fresh perspective on your goals and how to make them come to life. She's a marketing, branding, and overall business wiz! I cannot recommend MPP enough! Do yourself (and your business) a favor and hire Megan!

Nisa Sedaghat

Seek Alya 

Working with Megan for just one session was like taking a quantum leap with my marketing and business strategy. I loved that I felt very taken care of. Megan had a solid plan for us to tackle during our time together which she led me through and then it was also truly a collaborative process. I felt like I could look to her as the expert yet still had a voice and we were a team. I walked away with 5 sessions worth of strategy, notes, tips, and wisdom from our single session. It's an awesome feeling knowing she is truly a champion for her clients! 


Ready to chat about how we can make marketing magic together?