Feb 11, 2022


Building Your Brand Story

Feeling in a slump when it comes to your brand story? Read this…

A STRONG brand strategy is the seamless intersection of your visual brand identity AND your compelling brand story.

When we consider how our audience engages with our brand, we can get a true sense of how our strategy is working for us. What do they think and feel when they consume our messaging and visuals? When they interact with our brand and the story we tell?

If you are looking to create a compelling business story, I want to share with you my signature Brand Narrative Method: You, Me, We.

👉 Step 1: You- Defining Your Customer Story

Define not only who your customer is, but who your customer WANTS to be. This is best understood when we truly embrace the fact that we all have stories we tell ourselves. The more we can understand our client’s internal desires, the better we can navigate how to give them exactly what they need. 

We want to understand what our clients want, what their ideal situation is, how they dream of being treated, and what keeps them up at night.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How does your ideal client see themselves?
  • What is the story they tell themselves?
  • How do they view the world and what is their place in it?

👉 Step 2: Me- Defining Your Story

This step identifies why YOU. What makes you unique? Remember you are the star of your story, so make it a good one! All the differentiators, lessons, experiences, and aspects of your life that create your unique view of the world. This is what we want to discover here. 

This is what will relate you to your clients and differentiate you from the competition. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your story?
  • What are your unique differentiators? The way you see the world?
  • What are the lessons and pivotal moments that shaped you and brought you to today?
  • What are the experiences that created your expertise/authority?

👉 Step 3: We- Defining Our Story

This is where our stories merge. The proverbial crossing of paths. Consider the parts of our story that unify us with our ideal client. Oftentimes, I’ve found that we tend to be very similar to our ideal client, just potentially a few steps ahead. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • What are the things from your story that unify you with your audience? 
  • What hardships, lessons, interests, or part of your journey invite your audience to say, “yes, I hear you and I am like you”?
  • Truly consider what will make your audience relate to you. What part of your journey will allow for them to connect with you on a deeper level?

And we bring them all together to build out your specific brand story. Ways to know it’s meant to be in your story? 

Look for the things you wrote down over and over again, the connecting factors, and the things you can speak on endlessly and confidently. 

You don’t need to tell a long story, you need to tell a consistent one that creates a connection. Your messaging, your branding, your visuals, and the way you communicate and present yourself as the face of the company are all a part of your story.