Feb 11, 2022


Relevance, Positioning, and Why It Even Matters

Today we’re talking about relevance, positioning, and why it all matters. 

Here’s the cold, hard facts:

You can’t be very relevant to your audience unless you are clear in communicating who you are and what you’re offering. 

Unless someone can self identify that your offer is specifically for them, you’re missing the mark.

Positioning is what makes you relevant. It is the work that you do in advance to remove the ambiguity in your messaging, and show up in your market ready to be seen and received!

Convinced it’s time to position yourself like the expert you are? Cool, cool, let’s do the damn thing!

1. Figure out your unique advantage. 

This is the one thing no one can ever repeat. It is what makes you YOU. It is also what will make your people relate to you, say yes to you, or move away from you if it’s not a fit. Consider:

  • Experience- what has happened to you?
  • Skills- what comes natural to you?
  • Knowledge- what have you learned and can speak about at length?
  • Personality- what character traits do you have that make you you?

2. Create your tried and true process. 

This is your method that makes what you offer stand alone. While there might be others similar in the market, your method is yours and yours alone. 

It allows you to show your ideal client the path from struggle to triumph in a repeatable pattern. This can even show up when selling “customized” work or styles. There is a methodology or style that you have that can create consistency in every client you work with.

3. Tell your story. 

Storytelling is the part of creating relevance that invites your ideal client to connect with you, decipher if they want to work with you and fully believe in what you and your brand stands for. 

This is why so much of my work with people starts with building their business story. A strong story is what allows someone to identify who you are in a noisy market and identify with you!

The benefit of being relevant? When all of these factors come into play, they work together and start to take up real estate in someone’s mind. 

It’s the little things like when two business pals are chatting and one says, “I’m looking for an expert in X”, and the other’s light bulb goes off, and of course, can’t think of anyone more perfect than you. That is positioning and relevance at work.

They matter because they create awareness and your business needs to be known to be hired.

Let’s coffee clink and get down to work.